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In 2000, then Allegheny County Chief Executive James Roddey and Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy, in cooperation with the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board and Workforce Connections, instituted a community-driven strategy to enhance the region's workforce. They identified economic cluster groups and provided Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) with the responsibility of coordinating the health workforce cluster.

In its first task as cluster coordinator, JHF hosted the Pittsburgh Region Health Workforce Summit in 2001. During the summit, JHF assembled current status information on the regional health workforce and discovered that the system for attracting and retaining qualified workers needed immediate attention.

In 2002, Health Careers Futures (HCF), a 501(c)(3) supporting organization of JHF, was founded to support long-term local and regional economic development by aligning the region's supply and demand of health workers. HCF now serves as the healthcare industry's workforce development cluster coordinator for southwestern Pennsylvania.

Learn more >> The Region's Health Workforce: Aligning Supply and Demand, Branches, August 2003.

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