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Center for Regional Health Improvement

Accelerating value creation in regional healthcare delivery and payment

The Center for Regional Health Improvement (CFRHI) is intended to accelerate value creation in regional healthcare delivery and payment. CFRHI will take an "issue by issue" focus, attempting a thorough review of select root causes inhibiting quality improvement. For each area of focus, CFRHI will identify the key quality inhibitors whose removal promises the greatest return on investment. The Center will not only map out the most promising interventions, but reveal new visions of high-performing regional healthcare systems.

The Center's initial focus issue is medical education which must reinvent itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It has been over ten years since the publication of two seminal works from the Institute of Medicine, To Err is Human and Crossing the Quality Chasm. Although these reports revealed alarming deficiencies in the safety, reliability and quality of medical care, the corrective actions advocated in these reports have, for the most part, not occurred. Now, the Affordable Care Act and other changes in the healthcare environment, make it inevitable that physicians will be held to standards that require them to incorporate into their daily practice elements such as continuous quality improvement, prevention of medical errors, seamless care transitions, working in teams, evidence based outcomes, and performance measures related to value and cost. Yet, there are few indications that the physician workforce is prepared for successful practice in this new environment. For decades, medical education has undergone minimal change; only a small number of medical education institutions have ventured beyond the traditional educational framework to address issues of patient safety and quality improvement in their curricula.

The Center for Regional Health Improvement will address this educational gap by describing and promoting concrete strategies for medical education reform that will enable physicians to practice and provide leadership in a healthcare environment defined by higher quality and lower cost. An educated physician leadership can ignite the widespread institutional transformation needed to address unreliable, unsafe, mediocre and inefficient care and put our healthcare system on sound footing for years to come. Through the identification of innovative educational models, literature reviews, case studies and conversations with thought leaders and experts, the Center will attempt to understand and respond to the educational needs of trainees and practicing physicians.

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