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Nurse Work Readiness

Nurse Work Readiness Project (NWRP) demonstrates strategies that reduce dissatisfaction and attrition rates of graduate nurses. New nurses leave their profession or original employer at a rate as high as 65% within the first year of employment. Based on this research, NWRP's hypothesis is that increased knowledge in patient safety, systems, work design, problem solving and outcome measurement make graduate nurses better equipped to manage and excel in current healthcare work environment.

The primary indicator of the project's efficacy is the participants' success during orientation compared to their fellow graduate nurses that have not participated in this program. This will be determined through pre and post assessments of participants and quantitative and qualitative surveys of participants and their preceptors or supervisors at zero, three and six months after the participants begin working in the healthcare environment. Project partnerships include regional schools of nursing and healthcare employers.

Project services are offered to nursing students in their final year of diploma, associate, baccalaureate and second-degree programs in a three to four hour-long session once a week for a month. Instruction style is didactic with interactive learning components, complementary materials that reinforce learning, discussion of lessons practiced and tools utilized during training.

Sessions cover topics such as:

  • Building Relationships - communication, delegation and conflict management, teamwork, problem solving, and change.
  • From Student to Nurse - transitioning from novice to expert, reality shock, patient safety, Perfecting Patient CareSM, outcome measurement, and Situational LeadershipTM
  • Careers in Nursing - positive portrayal of the profession, professional nursing organizations, continuing education, and finding/negotiating for a job

This project is funded by the United States Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration.

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