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Perfecting Patient CareSM

Perfecting Patient CareSM (PPC) is a healthcare process improvement methodology based upon Lean concepts, principles and tools. Adapted from the world famous Toyota Production System (TPS), PPC is designed to address the challenges healthcare organizations are facing today – staffing shortages, patient safety, never events, rising costs, inefficiency and poor outcomes.

PPC provides leaders, managers, physicians and staff at all levels of healthcare organizations; proven methods, tools and support to successfully conduct effective and sustainable quality improvement efforts in their organizations regardless of where they are in their quality journey.

PPC brings problem solving out of the conference room and onto the frontlines by empowering people at every level of an organization to constantly improve and redesign their own work to fulfill a common mission. The PPC approach tackles problems immediately through root cause analysis and rapid-cycle experimentation with countermeasures. The approach yields incremental sustainable improvements in care, reduction in waste and errors, and lowers cost through continuous improvement and standardization of work practices.

Through PPC:

  • Work is designed, organized and managed according to patients' needs
  • Direct observation, data collection, and real-time problem solving are conducted at the point of care
  • Care processes are systematically tracked to determine if the best possible patient outcomes are achieved
  • Errors and poor outcomes are opportunities for learning and improvement
  • Faulty systems are the source of errors and poor outcomes, not individuals
  • Clinical professionals work collaboratively to facilitate experimentation and improvement

Implementation of the PPC healthcare process improvement methodology can serve as the catalyst to drive an organization closer to the ultimate goal of providing ideal patient care.

For more information, please visit the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative.

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