Advances in health-related technologies have the potential to change everything – from prevention, diagnoses, and treatment, to workforce preparation and accreditation, to care design and delivery. The Jewish Healthcare Foundation is developing a virtual Museum to the Future (MTTF) to help healthcare systems understand, anticipate, and prepare for changes in workforce composition, care delivery, physical plant design, health promotion, and patient activation. MTTF will rely on modern media options to create an ever-evolving, additive, and virtual experience. Launched in cyberspace, it will be populated with current state-of-the-art information on upcoming trends from futurists, using a "Wiki-model" for content that will be continually and collaboratively updated.

The QI2T Fellowship is a series of learning sessions designed to allow you to work closely with mentors and a multidisciplinary team to create and present a future health technology visual as part of MTTF. The multidisciplinary teams will be focused around several issues: artificial intelligence (AI) as a data aggregator, advancing the role of the citizen scientist, and the future of artificial intelligence in the medical professional and education systems.

(Applications are not being accepted at this time)