The Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellowship is an incubator for emerging health activists who want to move from making noise to identifying strategies and tactics for sustainable change. During the 9-week program (10 sessions), the Fellows will form action groups, develop skills to shape winning strategies, and prepare to advocate effectively around the health issue about which they are passionate. In addition to learning how to change policies, practices, and perspectives, the Fellows will also take action during the Fellowship and have the opportunity to pitch their idea at the Health Activist Expo!

Applicants should include a brief description of their initial concept including healthcare areas of interest (e.g. women’s health, healthcare affordability, payment reform, maternal mortality, teen mental health crises, end of life, health and technology, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, etc.) in your personal statement. In lieu of a written personal statement, applicants are also welcome to submit a video personal statement.

Whether you’re currently working and passionate about a health issue or have yet to begin and want to learn, this fellowship is for you!

Contact Scotland Huber at for additional information.

“This fellowship provides an opportunity to think creatively without the constraints that exist in some organizations. It allows the fellow to think outside the box and with no restrictions can come innovative ideas that change the healthcare system we all want to be a better place.” – 2017 Salk Fellow

“Participating in this fellowship helped me realize that regardless of your current life stage you can always ignite a change if you are passionate enough. I have also learned the importance of storytelling and am more aware of different activist strategies that exist.” – 2017 Salk Fellow