SALK19Do you want to work with other young healthcare professionals to develop winning strategies to advocate for the health of our communities? Are you concerned about the protection of basic human rights? 

The Salk Health Activist Fellowship is an incubator for emerging health activists seeking to build effective advocacy skills. This is your opportunity to practice essential communication skills to grab the attention of the media, the public, the legislature, and the administration necessary to inspire action on a major health and social issue.

During the 9-week program, Fellows craft winning campaigns on an issue of importance to them, working alongside a multidisciplinary cohort of graduate students and young professionals.

Whether you are currently working on a health issue about which you’re passionate or just want to learn more about effective advocacy, this fellowship is for you!  Applicants should include a description of their particular interest in developing a winning strategy for making systemic change or protecting basic human rights. In lieu of a written personal statement, applicants are welcome to submit a personal video statement. This fall’s fellowship will be hybrid with optional in-person (for persons in the Pittsburgh region) or virtual participation.

Creative graduate students and young professionals from diverse healthcare related disciplines who are interested in advocacy and helping to create better policies and strategies to support the health and human rights of our communities.

For more information, please contact Ashlee Carter,