The Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Health Careers Futures host an annual Summer Internship program for graduate students from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Become part of a project team with experienced professionals in one of the following potential focus areas:
    • Adolescent behavioral health, health communications, health innovation, HIV/AIDS, patient safety, aging, and women's health
  • Gain exposure to various healthcare systems and settings
  • Present your experience and contributions to staff and Board members

2023 Program

The 2023 JHF and HCF Summer Internship Program is on this summer. The current program is structured to be customized to meet the needs of JHF program staff and participating interns. Start and completion dates, in-person and/or remote working, and project assignment will be defined based on need. We are currently accepting resumes from interested prospective interns for 2023. Please email your interest (general or for a specific program area) to with the subject line "JHF Summer Internship" along with your resume, cover letter, list of references, and availability for a summer internship.